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Immigration Examination Information


We perform physicals by appointment only. At the scheduled time, be sure to bring your vaccine card and government identification with you. If you cannot understand, read, and write in English, you need to bring a certified translator with you, someone who is not a family member. We do not bill insurance companies. As for payment options, we accept cash and credit cards, with the cost of the service due before your examination. Remember, physicals are only good for 30 days from the date seen.


Age 15+*

---Physical exam: $65
---PPD T.B. Test: $25
---RPR blood test: $65
---Urine gonorrhea test: $40
---Chest x-ray ONLY if PPD positive: $65

Age 14 and under*

---Physical exam: $65
---PPD T.B. Test: $25
---Chest x-ray ONLY if PPD positive: $65

Must have proof of immunization with a vaccine card or reported date of the disease such as chicken pox. If vaccines are not documented, the following vaccines are required and we do carry most of them:

DT: $45
TDaP: $65
Influenza: $35, October 1st through March 31st only
MMR: $95
Polio: $45
Varicella: $150
Pneumococcal and Meningitis: we do not carry these vaccines but pharmacies do

***Children 18 and under are required to have all vaccines required from California Public Schools, which corresponds with the CDC schedule
Birth-18 Years Immunization Schedule | CDC