Until further notice, Dr. Davis’ WILL NOT be doing the Saturday drive-through rapid COVID testing. Sign-in will open at 8:30 am on Saturday mornings and our amazing weekend crew can do 20-30 on Saturdays and Sundays.


COVID19 is still rampant and we continue to encourage our patients to practice social distancing, increased frequency of excellent hand washing techniques, and face cover practices.  South Coast Family Medical Center continues to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness for the safety of our patients, staff, and doctors. Some of these interventions include:

  • cleaning every room and surface following each patient encounter with virucide and bactericide cleaners
  • face masks are required to be worn by all patients and staff in order to prevent spread from asymptomatic patients
  • deep clean every day before clinic by a professional cleaning crew
  • requiring telemedicine visits for anyone with suspicious COVID19 symptoms
  • curbside swabbing done in the car in pre-designated spots on the left side of your building
  • having online check-in available so that your time spent in our office is limited.
  • We only do curbside testing for our rapid and PCR swabs.

CURBSIDE TESTING is now available for our rapid test and PCR send out the test.


As of 2/5/2021, South Coast Family has applied to be considered as a vaccine administrating site. We are now waiting to hear about the next steps. We will do whatever it takes to get our hands on that vaccine. Once we obtain it, we will send out an email to existing patients and also update the website. Please do not call the office to ask if we have it or when we will be getting it. Thank you for your understanding.


We are pleased to announce that we have the following testing modalities:


Rapid Antigen Testing with results in 20 minutes

The Quidel Corporation Sofia SARS Antigen FIA test has received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA. Test data suggest the test has a specificity of >99%% and a sensitivity of 97%. This test is great for quickly screening individuals for an active COVID-19 infection. Please click this link for more information:

What test? How long for the results? Is it covered by insurance?

We chose to use the best rapid antigen test on the market at this time - Quidel Sophia2 SARS antigen test obtained by superficial nasal swab (not the deep nasal swab). We will text you with the results in ~20 minutes. This is a test to see if you are harboring the virus at this time and potentially spreading it. The test is being covered by insurance when accompanied by a doctor’s order + CPT (procedure) code + diagnosis code, which can only be determined in the context of an office visit. We are fortunate enough to continue to have adequate testing kits so we are able to offer this to the general public and no office visit is required to be tested.

Is it accurate?

Very much so. The specificity is >99% (true negative) and the sensitivity is 97% (true positive). in symptomatic patients. It is less accurate in asymptomatic patients, especially if done too close to the known exposure time. If you have any concern about being one of those false positives, we can easily send out a confirmatory PCR swab in the context of an office visit.

Who can get tested?

Anyone who desires to test. This includes individuals who were exposed and currently show no symptoms. Data does show that all rapid antigen test is more accurate if having symptoms. It is recommended to wait 3-5 days in isolation from last known exposure before getting tested in order to get accurate results.

How do I get tested?

Please follow the instructions below on the day you want to be tested. Our on-line check-in opens at 7:30a M-F and 8:30 Sat/Sun.

1. Go to our main home page and click on the “check in on-line” button.

- Monday – Friday (excluding holidays): available at 7:30am

- Saturday/Sunday: available at 8:30am. We have limited capacity for testing on Sundays.

- Special hours for holidays

2. Fill out all of the information and choose “*COVID19 rapid test, no visit, $125”

3. Hit reserve your spot.

4. You will receive an auto-text with general information. If you did not make the cut for testing that day, your auto-text will state that we have met our capacity for “*COVID19 rapid test, no visit, $125”

5. You will then receive a second text stating that you have successfully signed in and to wait for the instructional text.

6. Lastly, you will receive a text with instructions.

7. Print out and complete the “COVID19 RAPID TESTING FORM” form (preferred but not required) and follow the instructions in the text.

8. Acceptable payment methods (Sunday – Friday): cash and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, HSA, FSA)

*** please DO NOT CALL the office to see when you will get texted to come in. We send out instructional texts in chronological order. If you received the congratulatory text, you will be texted to come in before we close.

*** we cannot provide a time frame in our current system but please know that if you received the congratulatory text, you will be texted to come in before we close.

*** if you do not get the results texted to you within 60 minutes, please call the office at 949-643- 0500 x1014.

Should I get tested?

This is not a simple answer. If you would like to consult with a doctor, you can do telemedicine visit.

How will I get my results?

You will have two options for getting your results: (1) request to be texted the picture of the results at the end of the day, or (2) receive a text in 20-30 minutes following the test. This is our process for both positives and negatives. If you have follow-up questions and concerns, Dr. Lauren Davis and Dr. Chris Davis are available by telemedicine.


COVID-19 PCR Test (1-2 days for results)

We are pleased to announce our newly established relationship with PrimeX Laboratories who has promised to get us our PCR results within 1-2 days. We are also using Quest that can get the results back to us within 2 days. QUEST IS NO LONGER A TRUSTED TESTING PARTNER WITH HAWAI’I SO WE ARE UNABLE TO TEST YOU FOR ANY HAWAI’I TRAVEL.

What test? How long for the results?

It is the real-time RT-PCR test performed that is currently required by certain airlines, states, and countries.

Is it CLIA approved?

Yes, it is CLIA approved.

Is it covered by insurance?

Yes, this is 100% covered by insurance due to the CARES act.

Is it accurate?

Yes. Data published on the FDA's website suggests this test has specificity of 100% and sensitivity of 100%; although, it should not be assumed the test is 100% accurate over infinite sample size.

Who can get tested?

Anyone who desires testing.

How do I get tested?

In order to bill insurance and have them cover this, you are required to have an office visit. The office visit can be telemedicine (the reason for the visit: “*Telemed: COVID19 symptoms”) or in the office (reason for visit: “*COVID19 PCR swab”). If you are a new patient, you will be required to fill out new patient paperwork available on our website. If we do not accept your insurance, it will cost you $95 for the visit and we will then attach your insurance card to the lab order. If you do not have insurance, the cost of the visit + PCR swab is $250.


Antibody testing for COVID19, IgG (1-3 days for the results)

The SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) antibodies, Immunoassay test processed by PrimeX is a qualitative (IgG) immunoglobulin test to detect antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the blood. PrimeX currently uses the SARS-CoV-2 IgG assay from Abbott Laboratories Inc. This is one of the best antibody tests available. At this time, it is still unclear what positive antibodies mean for any future COVID19 exposure and infections. We are seeing insurance cover this test. You will need an office visit. You can check-in online under “*COVID19 antibodies.”



Rapid COVID19


Antibody test, IgG


Anterior nasal swab

Deep nasopharyngeal swab

Venipuncture blood draw

Processing Time

20 minutes in office

1-2 days

1-3 days

Insurance coverage?

Yes, most plans


Yes, but please check with your insurance

Cost of the test

$0 if covered w/ a visit
$75 if NOT covered w/ a visit
*$125 as of 9/1/20 w/o a visit

$0 with insurance

$95 if we do not take your insurance

$150 with no insurance

$0 if covered, $150 if we do not take your insurance

Office visit required?




Curbside service?

Yes, if desired OR if symptoms present

Yes, if desired OR if symptoms present


Specificity (true negative)




Sensitivity (true positive)




*This information is true and accurate with the available information as of 09/15/2020 and may change in the future


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