We also provide the following services by appointment:

  • routine physical
  • immigration physical
  • pap smear

Welcome to the South Coast Family Medical Center. At South Coast Family, we offer prompt treatment to all ages and for any non-life threatening condition. Your care is under the direction of Dr. Michael Kent MD, Dr. Lauren Davis DO, and Dr. Chris Davis DO.

We provide the following walk-in services:

  • medical illness
  • minor injuries
  • sports injuries
  • sports physicals
  • drug screens
  • immunizations
  • school physical
  • work injuries
  • work physicals
  • B.A.T screens.
  • gynecological exams

South Coast Family Medical Center is a fully equipped facility with state-of-the art x-ray, EKG, pulmonary function test, audiometry, and visual acuity equipment. There is one room for minor procedures such as lacerations, abscesses, burns, scrapes, fractures, or other minor accidents. The other four rooms are available for treating the multitude of medical illnesses that may plaque you and your beautiful family.

We will address your medical needs and provide you with solutions or the correct alternatives to your health care needs. If we cannot meet those needs, we have an excellent group of specialists we refer to when appropriate.

With South Coast Family's Industrial Medical Program, both the employers and the employees benefit from the prompt and high level of medical care they receive. The strong belief in modified/light duty for your employees is always encouraged and reinforced by our physicians.

Our services